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Get-AzureDeployment returns "Requested value 'Basic_A0' was not found"

I was digging into the PowerShell Azure Commandlets when I hit a strange error: When executing:

Get-AzureDeployment -ServiceName SomeName

I got the error:

Requested value 'Basic_A0' was not found? What!?

Well, since in general working with the Azure-Commandlets worked - so I figured, that I might have an old version installed. 


Which version of the Azure PowerShell Commandlets I have installed?

On this guys blog I found a handy PowerShell function. Though, this post is a bit old already and "Windows Azure PowerShell" is now called "Microsoft Azure PowerShell".

Here is the updated version of the script:

function Get-MicrosoftAzurePowerShellVersion
Param ()
## - Section to query local system for Microsoft Azure PowerShell version already installed:
Write-Host "`r`nMicrosoft Azure PowerShell Installed version: " -ForegroundColor 'Yellow';
(Get-Module -ListAvailable | Where-Object{ $_.Name -eq 'Azure' }) `
| Select Version, Name, Author | Format-List;
## - Section to query web Platform installer for the latest available Microsoft Azure PowerShell version:
Write-Host "Microsoft Azure PowerShell available download version: " -ForegroundColor 'Green';
[reflection.assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller") | Out-Null;
$ProductManager = New-Object Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller.ProductManager;
$ProductManager.Load(); $ProductManager.Products `
| Where-object{
($_.Title -match "Microsoft Azure PowerShell") `
-and ($_.Author -eq 'Microsoft Corporation')
} `
| Select-Object Version, Title, Published, Author | Format-List;

And ... indeed, I had an old version installed:

Just fire up the Platform installer, update the Microsoft Azure PowerShell package, restart your PowerShell console and you are good to go.




Posted on November 27, 2014 and filed under development, Windows Azure, PowerShell.