Being in the IT industry for over 15 years I have gathered lot of experience in the areas of agile software development using SCRUM and Solution Architecture. I am specialised in the .NET technology stack but I always strive for a deeper understanding of the details behind every abstraction layer. I have also worked as a Team Leader for 5 years , leading up to 3 Teams with 25 team members.


Since January 2014 I am working on Royal Server, which will change the way how you remotely manage a system completely! Its a server product that is based on .NET 4.5.1 with a self-hosted web api, dynamically loaded modules for system management and a neat configuration UI.


"Soft" Focus Areas (strive to see the "big picture", improve cross-team communication, asking "why" many times, requirements analysis)
Technical Focus Areas (Usability, User Experience, User Interface Design, High Performance websites, High Load environments, design for scalability)
Software Development Lifecycle (extended experience with SCRUM, certified Scrum Master, integration of non-scrum teams, off-site teams, leading dev-teams in India)
Programming (C#, PowerShell, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, ASP, PHP)
Frameworks (Microsoft Azure, WinForms, WCF, WPF, EF, ADO.NET, WordPress)
Architecture (SOA, EDA, Distributed Systems, Design Patterns, Enterprise Integration Patterns, UML)
Databases (SQL, Sql Server)
Development Environment & Tools (Visual Studio, NUnit, NDepend, Unity, DevExpress UI Controls)

“Michael worked for me at as Development Manager for the past years.
He was managing Software Development teams across different locations developing the world biggest Online Sportsbetting website for the largest Online Gaming Provider worldwide. One of his main duties was to oversee the software architecture while not loosing ground on the implementaion details.

Michael was highly respected by his co-workers and his teams which he managed in an agile environment. His communication skills and Scrum/Agile experience gave him a high reputation with product management to deliver products to customers. He is able to motivate teams and giving people right direction including technical in depth guidance , a real team player and highly skilled hands on manager who has always the big picture in mind.

I definitly would work with him again togther”
— Christoph Haas, Director Technology Sports, managed me at digital entertainment

“Michael was one of the few valuable key players at bwin who allowed the company’s IT systems to scale with the business in times of incredible growth, and was a main driver to enable the transition to a large decoupled service oriented architecture that is flexible and scalable to handle the ever-changing challenges of the company.

Doing so, he utilized his extensive experience with software-development and -architecture to build and lead several efficient scrum teams, both local and remote, and also did an outstanding job adapting team setups and software architecture for very complex post-merger systems integrations.

I was part of Michael’s team for more than four years during which I learned a lot from him. It was a great time and pleasure and I would definitely work with him again anytime.”
— Josef Pfleger, , one of my Technical Leads at digital entertainment

“I had the privilege to work with Michael over a longer period as a colleague building large scale, high-availability web applications. He always impressed me with his ability to investigate, develop and diagnose complex software systems and architectures.

Michael has a deep insight into the software development process matched by years of hands-on experience that allow him to see beyond the technologies employed (e.g. ASP.Net, MSSQL, WCF, Tibco, etc.) and to come up with really maintainable and robust architectures.

Definitely, I owe a lot of the key lessons learnt in my professional career to Michael and I would be happy to have the opportunity to work with him again anytime in the future.”
— Hans Docsek, Team Lead & Technical Lead, digital entertainment

“Michael was my manager for more than 4 years. I know him as a very strong technical individual with great leadership skills. Together we developed one of the largest sports betting solutions in the world. As a team leader of several teams Michael was motivating all team members, he was coaching and mentoring them as well as providing an atmosphere where junior developers can grow quickly in their profession.

As a technical lead and solution architect, he successfully handled the most difficult projects in the company. He was involved in technical escalations where he moderated the discussions - even in areas where he was not directly responsible for. Having this quite strong technical background he was always respected by all teams.

It was a great pleasure to work with him.”
— Georgy Mokshantsev, Senior Software Developer, was managed by me at bwin Interactive Entertainment AG