July 2015  
Releasing Royal Server V1.1

The v1.1 includes two main features we have been asked for a lot: it has a Secure Gateway component that can tunnel protocols like Remote Desktop, Telnet, SSH and Terminal connections from Royal TS. And it includes the new PowerShell module that lets you execute PowerShell scripts in a flexible way and display the results in a Grid or as text. More details about the release

February 2015  
Releasing Royal Server V1

After an extended beta phase I proudly released V1 of Royal Server! The initial release included the following management functionalities for Hyper-V Management, Terminal Services, Windows Processes, Windows Services and Windows Events. Currently I work on V1.1 which includes an Secure Gateway (SSH tunneling) component and some other awesome stuff ;)

Starting July 2013:  
Developing Royal Server

In July 2013 I started working on a new way of getting DevOps tasks done. After some basic POCs and in-depth studies of crucial parts of the architecture I started to work on a new product - Royal Server. This is a new server product that will be integrated with Royal TS/X as the front end and eats most of my time these days.

Oct 2011 and still rockin´... 
Working on Royal Stuff with code4ward

In Oct 2011 I joined forces with code4ward.net to develop the version 2 and version 3 of Royal TS and other network/admin related tools for Windows (Windows 8, Windows 8 Store Apps, Win RT). At E2EVC in Rome 2013 and in Brussels 2014 Stefan Koell and I presented Royal TS to the public.


Dec 2011 - Nov 2012
olution Architect / IAEA

I supported multiple core projects that deal with a major port/rewrite of huge applications in .NET 4. My involvement in many projects enabled me to identify common problems and their solution so that other teams could benefit.

Besides introducing the technical foundation for a Service Oriented Architecture approach, I also helped to support with my extended experience the introduction of SCRUM and build stronger teams that not only performed more efficiently but also fostered cross-functional communication.

Additionally I had a focus on increasing the maturity level when it comes to Performance, Scalability, Operability and Monitorability.

Mar 2011 - Oct 2011
Team Leader of the teams  "Development Betting", "Betting Services" and "Betting Mainbook NextGen" / bwinparty

- Betting Mainbook (dealing with the Frontend WebApp for bwin.com sportsbetting) - 
- Betting Mainbook Services (dealing with backend services to provide for Betting Mainbook Web and other clients)

- Betting Mainbook NextGen (totally new Version based on ASP.NET MVC3)


Oct 2010 - Oct 2011


Team Leader of the teams "Development Betting Mainbook" and "Betting Services"


Apr 2007 - Sep 201

Team Leader of "Development Sportsbook" / bwin Interactive Entertainment AG

May 2004 - Mar 2007
Lead Developer Sportsbook / bwin.com

Jul 2001 - Apr 2004
Developer Sportsbook / betandwin


Software Developer / Active Agent

Software Developer / Braintrust