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SQL Pass Community Meeting June: Data Types and Always On

On wednesday, 13th of june, there was another gathering of the SQL Pass community in Vienna. This time the topics were surprising infos on SQL Server data types and AlwaysOn / high availability. 


Data Types - Think you know it all? Think again

This session was presented in english by Vern Rabe, Sr. Data Architect of SQLSoft+. Using appropriate data types can improve both performance and accuracy. Vern discussed how to determine what the appropriate data type is for a given situation, and how to write queries with data type awareness. For this he actually used almost exclusively demos where he showed us the concrete effects. These demos you find also at the SkyDrive link at the bottom of the article. Also some fun parts where presented - these "WTF" moments stick in your mind and next time you know where to be careful ;)


High Availability with SQL Server

This session was in german and presented by Wolfgang Rick Kutschera, Manager at Database Engineering at Services GMBH.  Rick has extensive experience from his work at, but also other environments and showed us how you can design an environment that fits your requirements when it comes to:

  • high(est possible) availability
  • abillity to install patches/updates/sql server hotfixes etc without a downtime
  • ability to stretch datacenters geographically
  • how high the impact of the solution is to the primary system and the transaction log 

Unfortunately Rick spent quite some time to explain basics that have been around for many years in SQL Server (backup/restore, log shipping, replication) and not so much time on more advanced scenarios (especially his experiences with AlwaysOn, Availability Groups etc) - but Rick mentioned that this agenda (and its level) was proposed by Microsoft.


I suggest to give the session levels from 100 to 400 (like it is common at conferences) and dont shy off sessions with 300+ (here is a more detailed explanation) . 

You find the presentations at the community SkyDrive.  

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How Fast is Project Codenamed “Hekaton” – It’s ‘Wicked Fast’!

Recently there was an interesting article about the new project codenamed "Hekaton" on the SQL Server Blog. They announced a full in-memory transactional engine which is currently evaluated in a private technology preview with selected customers. So I was glad to see my former colleagues having the possibility to evaluate this beast.

See the results at

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