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Visual Studio 2013 - can't update nuget.exe

I stumbled upon a very strange error when trying to compile one of our projects lately:

It says: 

The ‘Microsoft.Bcl.1.1.9’ package requires NuGet client version ‘2.8.1’ or above, but the current NuGet version is ‘2.7.4090675’.

Try 1: Use the command line to get more information

I tried to execute the suggested command line in the second error by myself as an admin - no use. I got the same error ;) 


Try 2: Checking the NuGet version and updating the NuGet Package Manager

I check with Visual Studio 2013 what NuGet version I have:

NuGet version 2.87.5

And - lo and behold! I have installed NuGet v 2.8.5! So why is it complaining?

I tried to uninstall and freshly install the NuGet Package Manager - no use.


Try 3: SOLVED - Update nuget.exe manually

Visual Studio is keeping its own nuget.exe for each solution (!) in a directory located at $(SolutionDirectory)\.nuget\nuget.exe along with a .targets and a .config file. In the targets-file you even see at the bottom a task "DownloadNuGet" that fetches the new version of nuget.exe.

Download the file manually from (it is located at  and copy it in the given directory. Then restart Visual Studio.


But why?

I am pretty sure, there is a more elegant version of updating nuget.exe for any given solution - and I couldn't actually locate the nuget.exe Visual Studio is actually referring to when it says in Tools -> Extensions and Updates that it has the NuGet Package Manager 2.8.5 installed. 

Anybody can help me out here?