How to tackle small, time-based todos and never forget them again

Recently I stumbled upon a new new app for todos (I am not sure anymore, where I found it, but I guess it was from Belle Beth Cooper. She does some interesting blogposts on managing your life with tools and apps). 


Due App - Oh nooo... another todo app?

Well, that were my initial thoughts as well. But this app focuses on a specific type of todos:

  • those that are very lightweight
  • those that don't take a lot of time
  • those that need to be done soon (like today, tomorrow)


For the longer-living, heavier todos, I have my Wunderlist (where I can put notes to my todos, group them in lists, share these lists etc etc)


You can enter new todos pretty fast with a intuitive user interface that lets you specify the due time in a flexible way with very few taps.



It's fast to use ... and it really gets on your nerves (in a good way!)

And this app is getting really annoying when the time comes - it fills your notifications quickly (configurable of course) :)


But actually thats what you asked the app to do - remind you! ;) You can't really overlook this repeated notifications on your lock screen and need to do something about it:








You either mark it as "done" which would be lying of course) or quickly delay it directly in the lock screen (without opening the app):













And Due is intelligent

You can configure all kinds of settings, it reacts naturally on todos like "go running tomorrow 07:30", is timezone aware and many other features.



With a reasonable price of around 5€  it does what it promises and I love using the app - in addition to my other todo apps (like Wunderlist). The creators found an interesting niche in this crowded app-space and delivered a very polished, usable and beautiful app. I strongly recommend to check it out.


Posted on August 20, 2015 and filed under productivity.