Tightly integrated Secure Gateway (SSH Tunneling) support now available in Royal TS/X and Royal Server!

One of the most requested features of Royal Server was to have a built in "Secure Gateway" or "SSH tunneling" feature. We have worked hard to fully integrate this in our Royal TS/X and Royal Server products - no external tools are needed and you will be amazed how easy it is to get it up and running!

What is a Secure Gateway?

A Secure Gateway is a component included in Royal Server that can be used to access computers through an encrypted SSH tunnel (aka port forwarding). Those computers are not directly reachable, only through the gateway server. Check out our more detailed blogpost!


How to configure the Secure Gateway in Royal Server?

The configuration only needs the IP and port to which the Secure Gateway should bind to. Additionally you can specify that packet compression is required and the current fingerprint of the server is shown. Hand this to your users so they can evaluate if they are connecting to the correct server.

At runtime, you can check how many sessions Royal Server is hosting and some metadata:

  • Client Host
  • Destination Host
  • User
  • Connect Time
  • Connected
  • Send Size
  • Received Size


And last but not least, you have to configure the users that are allowed to use the Secure Gateway.

Posted on April 23, 2015 and filed under development, Royal Server.