Solution: Apple Cinema Display stays dark ...

Right after the gift giving on Christmas eve i noticed that my Apple Cinema display that is connected to my iMac stayed dark after waken up from sleep mode. And I mean completely dark...

I tried to:

  • change the Brightness setting of the Thunderbolt display: did not help
  • removed the Thunderbolt cable a couple of times: did not help
  • rebooted my iMac: did not help

The funny thing though was that the USB drives that were connected to my Cinema display are correctly mounted from my iMac - so at least SOMETHING was working.


Disconnect the power cord

At tip from a forum helped worked for me: disconnect the power cord from the Thunderbolt display for a couple of minutes and plug it in again. SHABANG :) Not sure if that was really a solution, but for now I have my two-monitor setup again :) 

Posted on December 24, 2015 .