Introducing Royal Server

As you might now, we are busy polishing our next versions of Royal TS/X (v3 for Windows as well as v2 for OS X) - a public beta to download will be available soon.


But additionally we have spent some intense time to think about DevOps and what challenges they will have in the future - about what tasks they have and how a tool can best support it. As a result we came  up with a new product that we actually presented in June at the E2EVC (experts to experts virtualisation conference) in Brussels. 


Let me introduce: Royal Server!

Royal TS/X has a long history of working with graphics based remote connections like Remote Desktop Protocol based connections. These connection types lack usability when it comes to touch enabled and/or small device form factors (think mobile phones or small tablets) and in low-bandwidth environments. Royal Server's about to change that!


We believe that the most common operations on remote servers are task based and shouldn't necessarily require a user interface. To examine event logs on all backup servers one should not need to use a remote desktop based management solution. Also, these functionality has to be available on mobile phone platforms as well.


Royal Server is built to fill the gap and provides common management tasks for specific operations. Royal TS/X is perfectly integrated with it and you have more functionality even Microsoft present in its own user interfaces as well as you have all this goodness cross-platform!

As a start we have the following functionalities:

  • Terminal Services management
  • basic Hyper-V management
  • Windows Events with a sophisticated query mechanism
  • Windows Services management
  • Windows Processes management

But this is just the beginning - way more stuff that is even more powerful will follow ;)


Roya Server under the hood

We made sure that Royal Server is easily installed (single MSI, installed just 1 minute), easily configurable (secure it via SSL, control access via Windows User Account security) and the architecture is very extensible and agent-less


Also, note that the communication between the clients and the Royal Server is HTTP/S based - so no more crazy firewall configs and binary communication ;)


And this is just the beginning - watch our blog and social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Website) for updates that will come over the next weeks. 


Call for Action

Make sure you sign up for the public beta of Royal Server! We are very interested in your thoughts and experiences with it. 


All feedback and feature requests are welcome at the Royal Server Forum. Of course, you can send me an email to as well :)

Posted on June 3, 2014 and filed under Royal Server, Royal TS, development.