Royal TS is featured in Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Tools List

Scott Hanselman is publishing on an almost yearly basis his most indispensable tools he uses and this is his list for 2013. And it's nice to see our efforts recognised:


Royal TS is on the list of recommendations

We are listed in the category "Things Windows forgot" :) And additionally to the RDP features mentioned by Scott, we have advanced support for SSH/Telnet, External Applications, Web Connections and a real-time Performance View for your servers - check it out

RoyalTS - If all you do all day long is remote into machines, then RoyalTS is the app you’ve always wanted. It’s Outlook for Terminal Services. I’m not sure if that’s a thing but it sounds impressive. RoyalTS is amazing.
—, Dec 21st, 2013

Royal TS supports SSH/Telnet as well as advanced real-time Performance Views

And I am not even talking about the multi-platform we have (check out our iOS and Android versions of Royal TS)

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