Royal Server V1 released!

Finally Royal Server was release at 1st of February 2015 and the current version 1.1 in July 2015! Royal Server offers a new cross-platform way of getting Dev-Ops stuff done. It leaves the old-school graphics-based remote connections behind (think RDP, VNC) and moves on to a task-based approach. It is tightly integrated with Royal TS and is implementing best practices (using HTTP/S for encryption, access can be controlled via Windows User Account security).

Of course, Royal Server is meant to manage your on premise as well as hosted in Azure - keep an eye on our next beta and the included new modules!



Royal TS V3 (for Windows)

Royal TS is the premium management tool for server admins, Dev-Ops, developers and IT focused information workers who constantly need to access remote systems in different ways. Besides RDP, we have support for VNC, SSH, Telnet, WebPages and other connection types. And for the first time in the industry you're able to use Royal TS on Windows, OS X, iPad & iPhone and Android.

Download the V3 right now!


You can also find Royal TS in the chocolatey gallery (the released V2) - just do "cinst royalts" and you are good to go :)