The day my NAS (almost) died...

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Last week was a bit uneasy for me - my NAS was dark after I accidentally flipped the switch on my power distribution device. When I flipped the switch back I got a nice flash and everything in my room was without power ...


I managed to get everything on again - except my NAS (Qnap TS-419 P II). After some research I ordered a new power adaptor (70€!) in the hope, it was only the power adaptor unit. And I was lucky: my NAS is up and running again. So much for: its very unrealistic that the whole NAS is failing...


Until then, I thought, i had a good (enough) backup strategy - it looked like this:

1. backup my macbook pro (my only computer) completely via Time Machine to the NAS

2. backup my macbook pro completely via Carbon Copy Cloner to an external disc

3. backup my photos (3.5TB) to external discs (additionally to the NAS)

4. backup my really important stuff (documents, licenses, my stuff being self employed etc) to the amazon cloud (additionally to the NAS)


So whats the status after such an issue (NAS downtime 1 week): 

  1. since i use Yosemite beta versions, I don't have Carbon Copy Cloner running (since its not finished for Yosemite yet) - FAIL. Not a big deal, I have Time Machine...
  2. Time Machine does not run, since there is no NAS - FAIL.
  3.  the photo backup is not automated and I was missing the last shootings on the external HDs - fail
  4. the really important stuff was backed up to Amazon S3, but what about the "not really, but also important"-stuff? - FAIL.
  5. Also, the Amazon S3 backup was triggered by the NAS. So I could not update/backup to the cloud during the NAS downtime - FAIL


What next?

Currently I am evaluating more automated cloud backup solutions (like CrashPlan, Zoolz and the like) that also backup to local drives/discs/sd cards automatically. 

This way, I then have realised the 3-2-1 rule:

  • 3 copies (NAS, external hard-drive, cloud)
  • 2 different media: hard disks, cloud)
  • 1 offsite backup (cloud and the older photos are on HDs at my parents house)

Ah, and I backup my exchange emails.

Posted on September 23, 2014 and filed under productivity.