Royal Server public beta has been launched - and what it means to me!


After many months of coding, testing and improving our software, we finally have released the public beta of Royal Server together with new beta versions of Royal TS v3 for Windows and Royal TSX v2 for OS X.


A general introduction about Royal Server can be found here. And in the next days we will publish a series of blog posts on our blog at with in-depth feature coverage and  tips & tricks. 


For me personally, this was a huge leap forward, since I learned a lot about stuff, that is needed additionally to a solid codebase for the product:

  • I have brushed up my PowerShell skills to automate the build process, testing and configuration steps (finally! and now I love PowerShell!)
  • I have learned how to use obfuscation tools 
  • I have built up knowledge around creating MSIs and learn how to "debug" them if they don't do what you expect
  • I have learned how to writing help files (online, offline) - technically and style-wise. though there is still a lot room for improvement ;)
  • I have created a codebase that is ready for localisation
  • I have built a product that has significant parts of shared code between the Royal TS and Royal TSX clients


Of course, this was just the beginning, and the journey only just started ;)


PS: I was really impressed by all the libraries, services and tools that are available and that helped me building the software. Now I can understand this blog post by Scott Hanselman even better. 


Posted on July 14, 2014 .