How to create coloured horizontal lines using HelpNDoc

One of my tasks of preparing the public beta of Royal Server was creating the offline and online help for Royal Server. Now, this is not exactly a beloved topic to be honest ... ;)


I evaluated HelpNDoc for this purpose: it seems, it has the main features I need (generate .chm and html help files), has a modern UI and I was also testing their support, which was helpful and reacted fast enough.


It sounds pedantic, but I want to display my headings followed by a coloured <hr> like this:

Now, the standard Horizontal Line they offer is by default black and cannot be changed. 

What you can do though, is create a little html snippet, that is doing the trick:

This works like charm - though, not in the designer, only in the generated .chm/.html output:

Bottom line is that you can enhance your help files with HTML, which offers you a whole new world in terms of layout and flexibility. But: be aware, that there is no WYSIWYG editor to immediately verify the results.

Posted on July 15, 2014 and filed under development, Royal Server.