Microsoft - where art thou going?

A very well written article about Microsoft and its strategy for the next years - you can find it here: I Am Lost. Can Anyone Tell Me What Direction Microsoft Is Headed To? - layed out the main problems Microsoft has at the moment.  (The first half of the blogpost layed out the stage for the 2nd half - so read over :)  )


Key issues are the almost lost battles in the area of mobile devices and tablets as well as their big bet for the cloud with their Cloud First strategy. Additionally the blogpost requests real alternatives to the retired Technet and the Certifications MCM, MCA and MCSM.


I fully agree with the article - lately i see many decisions from Microsoft that I can't quite understand. I don't see the big picture. I do understand the move to the Cloud - and we are not only talking about having some stuff online (like Office 365) - this is a full transition of Microsoft from a PC model based company to a services and devices company. I also hope that a new CEO will bring fresh winds of change to Microsoft. 


So what does this mean for me then? 


1. Embrace HTML5

The fast progress in this area is amazing! More and more new frameworks and tools are release that are able to do more stuff in a more elegant way. Most of the knowledge here is not requiring Microsoft tooling/knowledge. E.g. go for WebStorm as your IDE. But I do have my doubts about all these many frameworks and how they work together - or not. But thats a topic for another blogpost :)  


2. Start using Xamarin

... to build true cross-plattform IOS and Android in C#  


3. Dive into Azure

This is a big bet of Microsoft in the future. In the past Microsoft has shown that it is capable of operating huge data centers around the world. In the near future it will be more and more important to be able to architect solutions for the cloud. Even if Microsoft is failing here also i learned how to architect solutions for the cloud. ;)


What is your opinion on this? Pls comment or drop me an email! 


Posted on September 4, 2013 and filed under development.