CodeMaid - Free VS2012 AddIn

CodeMaid is a Visual Studio 2012 AddIn that helps you with your code more efficiently - you can download it for free at

5 Top features i found most interesting

These are my top 5 features i found most interesting:

  • It has a powerful code cleanup engine (and it integrates with Resharper on the cleanup process)
  • You can configure very fine-grained where to put empty lines (e.g. after a closing bracket of a using-statement)
  • it has a nice build progress bar (that even shows in the windows taskbar) to display the build progress (helpful if building takes longer and you switch to another window)
  • With CodeSpade CodeMaid has introduced a new way of visually overlook and navigate your source code file
  • You can clean up a source-code file automatically on save

clean-up on save: this feature led to a bug in VS2012 in my case: whenever i saved XAML files, VS switched automatically after clean-up in design mode - which is annoying, since i never use this mode ...

What i miss is region-functionality like known from Regionerate.

I know that Resharper is quite powerful and can do much more but keep in mind that CodeMaid is free.

On Performance

On a small project i am working on (5 projects, 500 LOC) it took over 2 minutes to clean up all files in the solution. If you do it a second time it still needs 1 min - thats why ist nice to turn on the feature to automatically clean up when saving a file ;) Although you have to get used to it that when you do save your code is potentially reorganized …

Most importantly i dont notice a performance degregation so far (but i yet have to try this out on a bigger project…)

Posted on May 7, 2013 and filed under development, productivity.