Microsoft Hackathon - 04/2013 - UX Workshop with USECON

Microsoft offers an interesting format form devs who want to write Windows Store Apps - the "Hackathon" event series. There, experts from Microsoft (Andi Schabus and others  help you coding up your Windows Store App (or Windows Phone 8 App).

On Friday evening, a quite informative UX workshop with Markus Murtinger und Claudia Past from USECON .

Although i had my masters thesis on human-computer-interaction and usability (ok, ok - that was many years ago …) i was reminded again on a couple of intersting basics:

1) Focus on the right experience factors

From a list of important factors that define the experience choose 3 to 5 which are the most important for you:

  • Acceptance
  • Excitement
  • Sociality
  • Usability
  • Fun
  • Emotion
  • Aesthetic
  • Interculturability
  • Flow
  • Security
  • Functionality
  • Trust
  • Identity
  • Reliability

For a given case study we were divided in two groups and selected 3 top factors. Interestingly enough the two groups chose quite different factors!

You will find out that choosing only few of them and rank them forces you to

  • Focus during later phases in the development
  • Make decisions since some of these factors contradict with each other
  • Choose which features to do first (you might do some later though)

2) Personas

Additionally Markus stressed to think about personas that help to reflect differently on features of your product. With personas you move from "i like the feature X" to "Matthias, our persona that is a student and quite economical, would love the feature X because...". Again in two groups we worked out a case study with personas.

At the end USECON provided us with a couple of tips on working with the new design guidelines of Windows Store apps. But these are worth a blogpost of its own. ;)

In general it was a very interesting workshop that was additionally loaded with many real-world-examples presented by Markus.

Posted on May 2, 2013 and filed under development.