Upgrading the SSD in my Macbook pro

Though i had a 250GB SSD in my MacBook Pro from the beginning (and also replacing the DVD drive with a standard 1TB disk) i recently felt the need to more disk space on the SSD because i want to put my Parallels Windows VM also on the SSD drive (the disk-IO on the hard-disk is just freaking slow ... )

After some googling around i decided to give Carbon Copy Cloner a try. You can fully try out this program for 30 days - which is enough for me to backup and restore since i ideally need this functionality only once.

Although i was a bit nervous and had backed up my stuff with 3 different technologies (normal file-based backup to my lovely QNAP NAS, Apples Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner to an external USB disc) ... you never know ;)

The work with Copy Carbon Cloner was extremely simple and straight forward. Booting from the external USB drive was actually not that slow as i was expecting it. So in a real emergency you even can continue working and if you have the time, then restore later (which is risky since you have your data only in one place during that time).

The only requirement is that you dedicate one disk entirely for your system clone partition.

So far i definitively think this program is worth its 30 euros.

And now ... off to my Visual Studio and continue working (with SSD speed now) :)

Posted on April 29, 2013 .