Be your own boss - my first two months

My first two months in retrospective

With december 2012 i started to be fully self employed with no other job that represents my safety net when it comes to regular income.

I spent quite some time to think about this change and how it would affect my life and work. Will it be boring? Will I be able to get enough assignments for me to earn a living? Will i become a weirdo being alone at home the whole day?

I worked out some topics i wanted to focus on in the first weeks (just to keep me busy):

  • brush up my homepage
  • create some nice Business Cards (i know ist kinda old school, but i love to print)
  • ponder about the areas in which i want to offer my consulting services
  • Generalist or Specialist? this question bothered me alot and its so broad that i will create a separate blog post for this one
  • engage more in the social media (not so much facebook, i was leaning more to twitter and flickr as i consider them as more "professional")

Working all alone…

My biggest fear was around working alone at home the whole day when i used to work in big companies with hundreds of meetings and where i never had my lunch alone. But so far this has worked out OKish - i use Skype a lot and other social networks to stay in touch.

Get up in the morning as if you would be a wage earner! Keep the same procedures, especially wearing clothes that you would wear in the office. All that is signaling: you are at work now!

But in general i have to say that it worked out quite fine for me until now. Though i have to stay organised to not browse the internet the whole day :) For this i use the following tools:

  • Day One (clean and simple note taking application for my mac with iCloud sync)
  • Wunderlist (todo list tool for my mac with iCloud sync)
  • OneNote (advanced note taking app that comes with Microsoft Office with SkyDrive sync enabled)

Looking ahead…

What i definitively need to do more is:

  • Spending more time being social and spend more time meeting others (real people :) )
  • Work more on my photography (not only PFS but also personal projects) - go shooting! This also will help to define my brand and show me what i like to shoot and what not :)
  • Increase my input for creativity - right now i am reading the wonderful book "The print and the process" from David duChemin.  He argues that the only way to increase creativity is to increase your inputs! Thats what i want to do …
  • Get my own (well-designed!) logo

Posted on February 5, 2013 and filed under productivity.