Lumia 1020 replacing my IPhone - the Nokia hardware

Size & Weight

My first impression is: its huge. I deliberately wanted to test the 1020 because of its camera. But compared with my IPhone 4s (and even with the 5) its a big device. Fortunately it has a similar weight than the IPhones - so it actually feels light in my hands. 


Qualitywise its a very fine device - the Lumia has a very silky touch and the way how the display is mounted into the back of the case is elegant. Here are some pics of the device taken with my Macro lens: 


Compared to the IPhone 4s (sorry, I don't have a 5 or 5s yet) the Lumia 1020 is much clearer, punchier and contrasty. The colours pop a lot more - black is actually black. Now, you can like this or not - I for my part find it more pleasing. 


Though what i really don't like is that the colours shift heavily if i change the viewing angle. When I use the phone as a normal user - I look directly at the screen - everything is fine. But when i start looking form the sides its like the white-balance os off and i see a heavy greenish color cast (especially visible on white). Since I am a photographer I might be more sensible to this, but then again: my iPhone is not having this "feature".


I know and like that you can modify the color temperature  - see the blogpost of the official Nokia blog



Not a lot to say here - its loud enough so i can listen to podcasts while driving - good :) 

Battery lifetime

I did not do any scientific tests but it feels like its en par with my IPhone 4s battery lifetime. 

Signal strength, compass

I had numerous problems with the HERE maps, HERE transport etc because of an error of the compass. Moving the phone in the suggested shape of an 8 did not help. 




Now, i've seen this on the IPhone as well, but not that often. 

Posted on November 10, 2013 and filed under productivity, Testing, Windows Phone.