Installing the dev-tools

Using Chocolatey  i was very quick in setting up a basic set of tools that i usually need when developing stuff:

  • cinst notepadplusplus (sometimes needed)
  • cinst GoogleChrome  (nothing to say here)
  • cinst Console2 (extende console)
  • cinst sysinternals  (best tool-set ever for windows)
  • cinst fiddler4  (proxy for debugging)
  • cinst Wget  (commandline http calls)
  • cinst curl  (commandline http calls)
  • cinst linqpad4  (test your linq)
  • cinst baretail  (tail -f for windows)
  • cinst greenshot  (Screenshot tool)

put this to a batch-file and you are super-fast in setting up another dev-machine


Keeping your tools at hand fresh

once you have done this, with the command cup all you can easily bring all packages up to date - sweet :) This can eben be automated so once a week you refresh all your tools by default. 


Is there any development-tool missing at Chocolatey? If so, think of creating your own package. Its a fairly easy process (as long as you are not scared by commandlines...) which I will blog about soon.  

Posted on November 7, 2013 and filed under development, productivity, Windows Azure.