Chocolatey package for Royal TS

A while ago i posted that i love Chocolatey for setting up new tools quickly. They have tons of tools preconfigured for fast and easy setup. So far i was using the system in a passive way for installing stuff on my machines and VMs.

But the creation of such a package is really easy. Just check out the quick tutorial for creating a new package (which itself uses Chocolatey a lot!) and you are good to go.


Clearly, an always updated version of Royal TS has to be available too, so we created a Chocolatey package for Royal TS and will keep it up to date so you always get the latest stable version.  


Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 23.58.13.png

Now you can install RoyalTS like this: 

          cinst RoyalTS

How cool is that? ;)


Updating your RoyalTS installation is also quite handy: 

           cup RoyalTS


Since all of the steps required for updating a package are commandline-based, it was super-easy to automate this and we have included this part in our automated build as another step at the end.   


Remark: we are only pushing stable versions to Chocolatey.  

Posted on November 7, 2013 and filed under productivity, development.