Lumia 1020 replacing my IPhone - replacing my apps

For replacing my IPhone the Lumia has to give me the same functionality and solve my tasks as my IPhone did. So I will go through all apps installed on my first screen on the IPhone and try to find a good substitute on the Windows Phone 8 platform:


Be aware, that this is not an in-depth test of any of the apps. I just use them on the go and try to get along with them - i didnt test all the features of all apps.  



For those who don't want to read the details: in general I am satisfied with the Apps you can find the Windows Store - some (like Spotify and Foursquare) i like even more on the Windows Phone!

Previous iOS7 i would have said that the two platforms are on the same level when it comes to develop usable apps. But  with iOS7 Apple has done a good job (and actually applying and further enhancing main concepts that have been introduced by Microsoft in their Windows Phone 7 platform already!) and so they are ahead in the game already. I was astonished, how fast iOS apps are adapting to the new iOS7 style and now after a couple of weeks, almost all important apps have the iOS7 look. 


Also I believe that the "level of innovation" is still lacking in the Windows Phone area - the really cool and innovative apps are most of the time available for iOS and Android first. For example: Cycloramic re-invents how to do panorama pics , or measuring your heart rate with the IPhone. 



En detail


Browsing the internet

I think the new way of the iOS7 to display/hide the url and the navigation bar is quite sleek. But the browser on the WP8 is good enough. Sometimes websites don't seem to recognise the device as a mobile device and respond with the full website. 


The Facebook app is OK - pinned on the Start screen it only shows my own messages. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me ...  


The calender is ... well, there is room for improvement ;) I miss a search, the monthly overview is useless (you can't read the text anyway, just display something that shows that you have a meeting). Also with iOS7 there calendar was pimped with some really nice features like traveling time display.


On iOS I use Tweetbot - not for free but really useful. It can handle multiple twitter-accounts and remembers what tweet you have read already. Even if you switch device! It's beautiful and you can navigate easily with one hand. The WP8 twitter app is not having any of these requirements. But i might have to dig deeper to find a good one.

LinkedIn, Xing

I added my LinkedIn and my twitter account to the "People" hub. You can not add a second Twitter account?! What a bummer ... 


I did not buy the WP8 version, but the screenshots look similar. 


The Foursquare app for WP8 is actually nicer than the iPhone version. 


Nothing to say here, the WP8 app do their job. The camera of the Lumia 1020 deserves its own blogpost though.


The Spotify app is really well designed - i like it more than the iOS version.


I listen to many podcasts - i use the pre-fetch functionality and expect that when i am on the road, the podcasts (also video-podcasts with 100mb+) are already downloaded when i am at home and have WLAN access.  On the Windows Phone it seems, that there is no central place for podcasts. If somebody did an application (!) to encapsulate a podcast, you can install it. But this might even come at some cost! (To make this clear: you pay a guy that did a small wrapper-app around the Podcast, NOT the owner of the podcast that generates the actual content) I am very disappointed about the podcasts.


I tested the app IPodCast which did a much better job. Though it could not find all the podcasts i am listening to.

Instagram, Camera+ 

I've tried some Apps for WP8 but the filter did not convinced me so far. I will give the Nokia Smart Cam a more detailed look in another post.


I am not using this one heavily, for taking notes i actually use Day One. Though the Evernote app on WP8 is well designed and shows how efficient the design language of Modern UI apps can be!

Mailing  & SMS

The default mail app is sufficient, the display of threads is nice, setup of my exchange account went smooth.  Also the messages app is doing its job so far.


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