Lumia 1020 replacing my IPhone - and how I got SMS again

So, I got this Lumia 1020 for testing.  


And the first problem i have to solve is how to get my data to the new phone (contacts, emails etc) 


1. Contacts

Nokia has foreseen that a switcher from iOS to Windows Phone will probably get his/her contacts. So they have built an app for that - that is also preinstalled:

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 08.17.54.png

It's super-easy to move your contacts (and also photos if you wish) from your "old" phone to the new. 

2. Receiving SMS

For phone functionality i just put in my micro sim card and we are good to go. Except... I wasn't getting any SMS anymore


After some digging, i found out that a nice feature of iOS is how a problem: if an apple device is sending an SMS to another apple device, they chose to use "iMessage" as protocol, not a regular cellular-data bound SMS. Supposedly there is a fallback if Apple can't deliver the message, but in my case I still have an IPad and OSX running, so they technically CAN deliver the message.  


So, you have to configure your mobile-number to not accept iMessages anymore.

Attention: just disabling the account, disabling the phone-number or even deleting the phone number on the Apple account website is not enough: You need to fully log out on all your Apple devices from iMessage and FaceTime:


Go to Messages -> Send & Receive -> click on your Apple ID --> Sign Out

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 23.24.07.png

If you do this on all your devices, you finally can receive SMS again.  

Posted on November 6, 2013 and filed under Photography, Testing, Windows Phone.