Visual Studio 2013 VIP – Launch Event wrap up

On the 25th of November Microsoft Austria organized the Visual Studio 2013 VIP Launch Event in their Vienna headquarter. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 18.21.28.png

Ed Blankenship gave a keynote that showed, how the Visual Studio 2013 can help devs to get stuff out faster and thus concentrate on the ideas behind. He showed details like the new code lens (unfortunately only in the Ultimate edition) and why the team room in Visual Studio Online is much more than a simple chat room. 


After this, Martin Woodward gave a quite funny presentation on how your workflow looks like if you use Git together with Visual Studio Online - since we use Git for quite some time now, no real news for me here.


Before the lunch break Rainer Stropek took us an a fast-paced tour through many small improvements included in the Visual Studio 2013 release (PCLs, snippet improvemnts, vsix, item templates / project templates, how to create nuget packages) 


In the afternoon, we got introduced by Ed Blankenship to Application Insight, a very promising looking new technology that helps you monitor your apps in production - using his words "Application Insights is so much more than SCOM" might lead to the idea, that this is where Microsoft sees the future for this topic. 


Philipp Aumayr demonstrated how to understand a complex codebase fast and how to track down bugs.


Last but not least, Andreas Schabus took up the cudgels for C++ and why it is not dead - on the contrary! Although I never used C++ in my professional life, it was interesting to see, why C++ is still there and gets improved and might get even more relevant in the future (think multi-core programming, on-chip / embedded systems)


All in all, not a lot new (if you have watched the online videos about the launch) but it was fine to have direct access to experts that can answer your questions or at least re-route them, so you get your answer :) 


At the end, everybody got a cartoon version of himself drawn by the world record holder in fast-drawing cartoons Reini Buchaher- enjoy ;)   

Posted on November 26, 2013 and filed under development, productivity.