Lumia 1020 replacing my iPhone - the HERE apps

I already blogged about replacing my most important Apps i use on the iPhone with Windows Store AppsIn general, this was OKish, but most of the time it was with a stale and vapid feeling. With one exception: the set of HERE apps from Nokia



Usable, does what I expect from it and it can be used offline. N'uff said.


HERE Drive+ 

Turn by Turn navigation - as you know them. Though the map shows you important buildings in 3D - not beautiful but helpful ;)


A pretty cool feature called "My Commute" knows your regular routes you drive and shows you the estimated travel time - taking traffic information into account. If you pin these route(s) on your start screen you always know how long you are driving. 

You can see that i use 43 minutes to commute to the code4ward head-quarters (normally its more like 25-30 mins) - and an exclamation mark. You can drill down and check, where you have the traffic jam. Drive+ also enables you to search for an alternative route. But what I like most is the tile on the start screen - a perfect example of how information can be presented in a short and concise manner!

HERE Transit

It's basically the same for public transportation. There are similar offerings here in Vienna like the homepage of the Wiener Linien or the app "Qando". But both have a bit complicated UIs - HERE transit is easy to use and it shows details of the bus/tram i use, how the stations are named, how many etc.

Posted on November 12, 2013 and filed under productivity, Testing, Windows Phone, Windows Store Apps.