Testing the Nokia Lumia 1020


Today i got accepted as a Nokia Lumia 1020 Tester


My 2 year contract with my current Network operator will be over soon and i was considering a Lumia 1020 as a replacement for my IPhone 4s. So it was quite handy when Nokia was looking for some Testers of this model. I applied and got accepted :)


I will get my phone next monday - and i hope, i can honestly publish my findings here :) 

I want to focus on two areas:  

  1.  How is the camera compared to the IPhone camera, compared to my Olympus E-PM2 with my 1.8 lens and to my DSLRs
  2. How is software development when you have a real device at your disposal 


PS: It's somehow hard to type "1020" ... i always tend to type "2010" ;) 

Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under Windows Store Apps, Testing.