Moo Cards : Business Cards 2.0

One can argue about the need of classic business cards in the age of electronic communication, social networks etc. Still, i believe that having something in your hand for your conversational partner to give is leaving a better impression.

Ofc i don't want a super-boring, white standard business card with black text in a standard font. After some research i found the products of Moo.

After some playing around i ordered a set of Matte and a set of Glossy cards. Since i needed them fast, i ordered on the 30th of december using the express delivery (which was promised then for the 9th of January). Surprisingly i got them already at the 3rd of January. If i had known that, i wouldn't have spent more money ;) 



i absolutely love the boxes in which you get the cards. The paper quality is quite good (350g/m2) and the finish of the Matte version is very noble, feels silky and is faintly reflective. I wouldnt recommend the Glossy ones, since you see your fingerprints easily on them if you have a dark color as i have in my designs. I also like the rounded corners ;)

The only thing i wasnt fully happy with was the print quality. I put some of my black and white photos at the back. And although i have a color-calibrated monitor my prints came out dull and with lacking contrast and a quite grayish mist. whats almost white on the photo is a grey on the cards.


So i contacted the customer support and they immediately (<60 mins!) came back with a detailed email about things i could improve, how they print - and they even offered me a voucher to re-print my cards with improved photos. This is what i call great customer support! 

If you also can imagine the use of such cards, i  would give it a shot - rocks so far!

I will write another blogpost on the second set of cards and if they are improved now. 

Posted on January 7, 2013 .