Solved : OneNote 2013 suddenly not synching with SkyDrive anymore

Everything started (I believe) with me changing the password of the Microsoft LIVE account. Sometimes trying to stay on the secure side has some unplanned side-effects… for me this was 2h hunting down a sync error that was the result with OneNote 2013. You can easily even find, that creating a new OneNote Notebook in SkyDrive is not possible.

If you google for this error “onenote needs a password to sync some of your notebooks 0xE0000024” you find all kinds of things. Mostly old stuff that was relevant pre Office 2013 release. I even tried some registry-hacks but nothing helped.

But in general the solution was pretty easy: OneNote (or even Windows) has a cached version of my password. And it doesn’t help to re-login, sign out, delete the OneNote cache etc…

Simply go to Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – Credential Manager:

onenote 2013 is not synching anymore1.png

There you will find Offices own (!) cached version of the live account with a strange name like

MicrosoftOffice 15_Data:live:cid=<someid>

I deleted this, restarted OneNote and everything was fine again because i was asked finally to log in to Office again (and could enter the password) :)


UPDATE 10/24/13

As a user mentioned on this microsoft forum, it worked for him, if he deleted the account, that has "Live" in its name - you can see it in the screenshot above as well. So in some cases OneNote seems to use this account for logging in. 


An Alternative to OneNote

I dont like several aspects of OneNote and I am a software developer ... so i did the only logical thing: i write my own Journalling app. The first alpha version will be available soon and it will be much cleaner, easier and simpler to use (and also much cheaper). If you are interested, just send a mail ( michael AT  and you will be one of the first that can use it :)


ah and it will of course get its own down domain and stuff ... :) 

Posted on December 5, 2012 .